Not quite 18 yet? 

Turning 18 is exciting! You can get your driver's license and can get into bars (without having to sneak in). It also means you become eligible to join the bone marrow registry and maybe even save a life! 

If you would like to be reminded once you turn 18 that you are eligible to join the bone marrow registry then fill in the form below (and we'll wish you a happy birthday too)!

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Date of Birth
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If you choose "no" then the only communication you will receive is the one on your birthday. By allowing us to contact you helps us measure the effectiveness of our programs. If you do receive further communications from us you can opt out at any time.
Australia is a multicultural country and although we are all "Australian", many of us have a cultural heritage based on our Ancestry (eg - Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, Aboriginal, North Caucasian and so on) If you have a mixed heritage, please specify "Mixed" and describe as best you can (eg Half Irish/Half Italian)