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Jake and family

Sawt el Ghad (Radio Tomorrow) Arabic Radio Station, May 2017

An interview with Pamela Bou Sejean founder of UR the Cure which includes Arabic translation on the topic including how to join the bone marrow donor registry. Click the play button to the left.

Bone marrow transplants: When your heritage leads to a needle-in-haystack search, ABC Online, June 9 2017

Why, when there are 29 million accessible donors on worldwide bone marrow registries, do so many patients, including Jake, struggle to find a match The answer is ethnicity, where your cultural background can turn your chance of survival into a desperate needle-in-a-haystack search. Read more



Bone Marrow Plea, Geelong Advertiser, May 1 2017

The submission we are writing to a government-funded review on the bone marrow transplant sector. Our recommendations will be supported by the public who can have their say in our survey at 



Channel 10 television program, "The Project" 2016

Tania is struggling to find her lifesaving match due to her Croatian heritage. "The Project" ran a report on how important it is for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds to join the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Click here to watch the video


Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry 2015 Annual Report

The ABMDR published an article reporting on UR the Cure and its work (page 12). To view the full report click here to read more.





Bone marrow match search for young Jake Cooper, Geelong Advertiser, July 8 2015

Belmont (lymphoma) survivor Pamela Bou Sejean (Ur the Cure) has been helping Perth family the Coopers find a potentially lifesaving bone marrow match for 12-year-old Jake who has a rare form of leukaemia. Click here to read more.




Rejected 25 million times in bid to live, The Sunday Times Perth Now, July 4 2015

We shared Jake's story though the Ur the Cure website and social media network and have been working together with Renee (Jake's Mum) as she takes the search for Jake's stem cell match into her own hands.

"The 12 year old's last hope of surviving a rare form of leukaemia is finding a bone marrow match from a stranger...A match will most likely come from someone of a similar ethnic background"

Click here to read more




Saved, Pamela takes a lead to help others, Geelong Advertiser, June 14 2015

An informative article about the changes that Ur the Cure is pushing for in Australia about bone marrow registry awareness and other system changes to make joining easier. Click here to read enlarged article.




Ur the Cure - Improving ethnic diversity on the Australian and worldwide stem cell registries, Haematology Society of Australia & New Zealand newsletter, Volume 9, Issue 1, April 2015

An article published in the HSANZ newsletter about the Ur the Cure project. It's distributed around the haematology network around Australia and New Zealand. Click image to enlarge.



Pamela's Push to Save Lives, Geelong Advertiser, April 4 2015

Local MP's from both sides of politics have got on board with a potentially lifesaving campaign to increase the ethnic diversity on the national bone marrow register. Belmont Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor Pamela Bou Sejean this week met with Corio MP Richard Marles to discuss what the Federal government can do to help her organisation Ur the Cure. Click here to read more.



Mum's dreams for more Aussie Donors, Channel 7 news, March 29 2015

Melissa Baker got in touch with Ur the Cure as she is struggling to find her life-saving match to cure her cancer due to her Italian heritage. A joint story was run to encourage more people of an Italian background to join the registry and the important work Ur the Cure is achieving to increase awareness about the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Click here to watch the video.

Matching Story an Inspiration - Sign Up to Save Lives, Geelong Advertiser, March 27 2015

When Melissa Baker heard Pamela Bou Sejean's story, it was like reading her own treatment Ms Bou Sejean, Dr Baker needs more people from non-caucasian backgrounds to join the Australian Bone Marrow Register to increase her chances of finding a match. Click here to read more.