Ur the Cure videos

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Channel 10 News Report - Cheek Swab Launch - September 2019

UR the Cure has partnered with the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and their “Strength to Give” campaign to add 5000 new people onto The Registry using cheeks swabs! We were very happy to be a part of this campaign and are so excited for what lies ahead!

World Marrow Donor Day - 2017

Video courtesy of the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry. World Marrow Donor Day is our opportunity to thank the 200,000 Australian registered bone marrow and cord blood donors on the registry. Their generosity and commitment saves lives across Australia. To learn more about Tom, Mel and Ollie and their experiences with bone marrow donation please watch the video below.

Channel 10 television program, "The Project" - Finding Tania a match & the need for ethnic diversity

Tania is struggling to find her lifesaving stem match to cure her cancer because of her ethnic heritage. "The Project" ran this report to highlight the need for more people from diverse background to join the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry because it can SAVE A LIFE! (Running time approximately 5 minutes)

Channel 7 news report about Ur the Cure and Melissa Baker (29/04/2015)

Channel 7 news ran a report about Melissa who is struggling to find her stem cell match due to her Italian heritage. It also reports on the work of Ur the Cure and the changes we are trying to make in Australia for greater awareness about the bone marrow registry (running time approximately 2 minutes)


UR the Cure: Like - Share - Join

A short video which explains why it's important for ethnic people to join the bone marrow registry, how to join the registry and how social media can be used to help the cause (running time approximately 60 seconds)


Patients meeting their life-saving bone marrow donors

Becoming a bone marrow donor is a wonderful and life-changing experience! This is a moving and heart-warming compilation of patient's meeting their donors - ordinary people saving lives (running time approximately 3 minutes)

Acknowledgements and videos courtesy of Be the Match, Love Hope Strength, Children's Medical Center Dallas, Soundtrack: Coldplay, Sky Full of Stars


Journey from Pamela's story to UR the Cure

The story of how UR the Cure was formed (running time approximately 6 minutes)