UR the Cure along with help from the "Find Tan a Donor" campaign have sent a submission to a government-funded review with the aim of improving donor recruitment strategies and support for patients searching for a stem cell match. Thank you to everyone who supported the submission and filled in the survey. Over 500 people responded to the survey and we were able to collect very powerful data. 


About the government-funded review:

The government-funded independent review of the entire bone marrow transplant sector, including the ABMDR is currently underway. The outcomes of the review will help shape the donor recruitment strategy to make sure it effectively meets the needs of all Australian patients. 

Many blood cancer patients with an ethnic or indigenous heritage struggle to find their lifesaving stem cell match because they are poorly represented on the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR).  A patient is more likely to find their match with someone who shares a similar ethnic background to them.

Although the submission is now complete, UR the Cure will continue to collect data for the purpose of potential future activities as we continue to push for changes we need in Australia. Please feel free to show your support by answering a few questions in the form below.


Please open and fill in the form below to show your support 

It only takes 2 minutes! The data collected will demonstrate the number of people who support the changes we believe need to happen (similar to a petition), but it also provides valuable insights into people's individual experiences which will be included in the submission.

UR the Cure aims to advocate on behalf of all patients and their families by giving you the ability to provide input via the form. By doing so, our voices can be heard together as one powerful movement to create the changes we need so all patients, no matter what their ethnic or indigenous background have the same chance for a cure.