Dollar donations

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Stem cell donation is great and saves lives, but if you wish to also help out in a different way then you can make a different type of donation - a monetary donation! We would greatly appreciate any amount you are able to give! 

100% of donations received go directly into running UR the Cure and its programs. All people involved in running UR the Cure are volunteers.

You can click the donate button below to send through a donation. Your donation will help us maintain our operations and activities as well as develop and implement projects in the community, see below for what current projects we are working on.

If you are a business and wish to sponsor UR the Cure then please email for more information about packages.


To donate via bank transfer, please refer to the details below:

Bank: Bendigo Bank

Account name: UR the Cure Inc

BSB: 633-000

Account number: 156 878 175

*Please note that donations are currently not tax deductible and we are working towards having this available into the future. UR the Cure is a registered charity with the ACNC, Click here for more information about UR the Cure’s charity registration.


UR the Cure is dedicated to being completely transparent about how the money we receive is being spent. We think this is really important. Our supporters take the time and generosity to donate their cash so we think it's only fair to show you exactly where your dollar is going and what projects we are working on! And that way you can also feel good about knowing exactly how you are helping out. 

To keep our basic operations going:

  • Covering costs of fees including IT related maintenance and other operating fees, including more recently the fees related to charity registration

  • Currently everyone involved in running UR the Cure are volunteers so there are no staff wages, all funds go directly into covering the costs and projects

Current projects:

Key project 1 - "Ready to Cure" kits

  • "Ready to Cure" kits is a project which involves the use of a resource kit that contains all the information and materials needed to educate a group and/or community about the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR); including mechanisms to encourage participants to join. An exciting education program that targets the ethnic and indigenous groups all over Australia

  • A $15 donation helps in the production and distribution of one "Ready to Cure" kit which can be utilised to educate a group about the ABMDR and stem cell donation

  • These are often used by patients who find it overwhelming to explain to their family and friends about how to join the ABMDR, what’s involved if you are a match and so on

Key project 2 - Workplace and Community Education Program

  • This project involves inviting workplaces and community groups to participate in educating their members about the cause and encouraging them to join the ABMDR. It often involves Pamela, the founder of UR the Cure to visit the organisation and present

  • It also provides the workplace or community groups all the tools and resources needed to run an education event through their organisation and it can take many forms, for example sometimes it may be running a stall at university events and other events targeted at the culturally diverse communities

Key project 3 - Advocacy work

  • Advocacy related projects including lobbying for changes in the current Australian system, this can involve travel interstate for discussions and meetings with key stakeholders. Another key project in this area involves providing recommendations via a submission to the recent bone marrow transplant sector review which included the commission of a survey, this activity is ongoing as we continue to push for much needed change in Australia. See the Advocacy page for more information

Other projects and activities

  • Facilitation of donor drives in the community - providing support, resources and other materials to people in the community who wish to organise a donor drive (where people can come along to get a sample of blood taken to join the ABMDR)

  • Social media campaigns and advertising of educational messages including the sharing of patient stories who are searching for a match to be spread amongst the social media community

  • "Under 18 contacting program" - reminders are sent to people who have opted in who are under the age of 18 to be reminded that they are old enough to join the ABMDR when they turn 18

  • Face to face community talks presented by the founder of UR the Cure, Pamela

  • Engaging with various media outlets and networking with other organisations to help spread the message

  • Attending community events and conferences to provide information