Our Mission

Our mission is to significantly increase the number of donors on the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR) and Cord Blood registry, with particular focus on increasing the ethnic and HLA diversity of the registries; and special priority given to those groups most under-represented and/or have no registry in their predominant country.

This will initially begin but not be limited to Australia. The registries are inter-connected worldwide and patients can secure a match from any country who has a participating registry, which means that Ur the Cure and its mission can be taken to the world. 

Why Ur the Cure is important

Ur the Cure is important because people from an ethnic background who have a blood disorder such as blood cancer, have less chance of finding a life-saving bone marrow donor match to undergo a stem cell transplant and cure their disease. Finding a match is more likely to be found in someone who shares a similar ethnic background to you. The chances of someone from an ethnic background finding a match is significantly lower than a North Caucasian person because they are under-represented on the registry.

  • 80.8% of donors on the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry are of North Caucasian background
  • The remainder are split across tiny percentages of various ethnic backgrounds
  • Sadly many groups have less than 1% representation

After some research it was surprising to learn that there was a huge gap in the education and awareness of the registry and thus the idea for Ur the Cure was formed.