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The information in the form below is collected by UR the Cure to help us measure the effectiveness of our programs and helps to shape our future activities.

We are proud to be partnering with the Strength to Give campaign to help reach the mission of adding 5000 new people onto the donor registry in the next 12 months! Once you click “next” you will be re-directed to our partner’s “Strength to Give” website where you can order your cheek swab kit!

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Who do we need?

  • People aged 18 to 30 (up to 45 is OK) - Younger stem cells perform better in a transplant, giving the patient a better chance at survival

  • Culturally diverse people such as Asian, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Indian etc - People with a mixed ethnicity are also needed. Patients with a culturally diverse background struggle to find their match because there's not enough people from these groups joining The Registry

  • Males ideally with a culturally diverse background, but any background is OK - Males physically have more stem cells to give plus biologically don’t have to worry about pregnancy or breastfeeding that can get in the way of donating

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Australia is a multicultural country and although we are all "Australian", many of us have a cultural heritage based on our Ancestry (eg - Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, Aboriginal, North Caucasian and so on) If you have a mixed heritage, please specify "Mixed" and describe as best you can (eg Half Irish/Half Italian)