Tell us that you joined the bone marrow registry!

Firstly a huge thank you on behalf of all the patients and their families, we are deeply grateful for your generous act of joining the registry!


Once you have joined the registry fill in your details in the form below (you can wish to remain anonymous) but all we really want to know is what your ethnic background is and that you have joined the registry. You can also leave words of support or tell us what inspired you to join the registry which may be posted on the web page and Facebook page.

If you joined the registry a while ago that's fine, you can still fill in your details to show your support.

Name (leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous)
Name (leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous)
Date *
Approximately when did you join the bone marrow or cord blood registry?
Leave some words of support, tell us what inspired you to join the registry or any other comments you would like to share
Do you give permission for your comments to be posted on the website and/or Facebook page? *

Once you have submitted the form, the information provided (no names) will be used so we can see which ethnic background is responding, we may post this data online in future so we can see the numbers increasing amongst the different groups! Hopefully in the future we will see positive changes in the percentages and representation of the ethnic groups.

A nominate campaign that can save lives

#urthecure nominate campaign is one that can actually make a difference and save lives! Just follow the 3 simple steps while you are at the Red Cross after you have had your blood sample taken. You may want to add some text with your post that says "#urthecure Today I gave hope and joined the bone marrow registry, I do the same, together we can give everyone the same chance to live".