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Fill in your details in the form below to register your interest in ordering a Cheek Swab kit to join The Registry. Within the next few weeks we will send you a web link so you can order your Cheek Swab kit online. There’s no obligation to do so but at least you’ll have some time to think about whether you’d like to join The Registry and gather any other information you need! If you have any questions you can email

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Remember you need to be aged between 18 to 45 to be eligible to join
Australia is a multicultural country and although we are all "Australian", many of us have a cultural heritage based on our Ancestry (eg - Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, Aboriginal, North Caucasian and so on) If you have a mixed heritage, please specify "Mixed" and describe as best you can (eg Half Irish/Half Italian)
ie - Deakin University, Sacred Heart College Geelong