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Like a Facebook page that makes a difference – your support and shares can actually save a life!

The cure for some blood cancers is in your body, but you need to join the bone marrow registry to be searched and found. It sounds complicated, stem cells, bone marrow and becoming a donor, but surprisingly it is not! The action we need from you is simple.


Like the Facebook page. The aim is to have as many likes as possible from people of a variety of backgrounds to gather a pool of potential donors and help spread the message to the right ethnic communities (find out why this is important). Whether you are already registered on the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, maybe just thinking about joining or simply interested in the cause, show your support by liking the page. Search for Ur the Cure to find us on Facebook. 

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From time to time we may put up stories of patients who are searching for a match in the hope of reaching groups of people who are of the same ethnicity. By sharing the page especially at these important times will not only spread the word to your friends (many of who may be of the same ethnic background as you and therefore reaches the right target group), but it will also act as a reminder for anyone who was thinking about joining the registry.


More information about joining

 - Eligibility criteria applies

- Joining the Australian Bone Marrow Donor registry is free and if you are match, donating your stem cells does not cost anything either

- Only 1 in 1500 Australians are a match in any given year so you will not be called regularly

- Your blood sample will be sent to the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, where it will "tissue typed" (given its unique code) and made searchable worldwide to potentially match a patient's unique code and become their life saving match

- Find out more about what's involved if you ever became someone's life-saving match. Donating stem cells is much easier these days and not as scary as it sounds!

 - See our common questions page for more information

Find your nearest Red Cross

To find your nearest Red Cross blood donor centre call 13 14 95 or simply visit (on the website you can enter your post code and your nearest centre details will be displayed including a map).

Take a donation selfie and tell your friends!

While you're at the Red Cross joining the bone marrow registry why not take a "donation selfie"!

- Send the picture to so we can add it to the Facebook album and tell us you joined!

- Upload the photo onto your Facebook and Instagram pages and hash tag #urthecure

- You can even nominate and tag 3 of your friends to join too (especially those from an ethnic background). This is a nominate campaign that can directly make a difference and save lives!