About UR the Cure

About UR the Cure in 60 seconds

When my Doctors told me that my last chance to cure my cancer was a stem cell transplant (also known as a bone marrow transplant) it was terrifying to hear. 

What was even more terrifying was hearing the words, “it may not be possible because we need to find you a stem cell/bone marrow match and because your background is Lebanese you have less chance of finding a match”. 

Ethnicity is an important factor when searching for a match. I wondered how something like my heritage could discriminate so much against me to the point that I might not have the chance to live. It came down to the fact that there are not enough potential donors of Middle Eastern and other ethnic backgrounds registered on the worldwide bone marrow registries for my Doctors to search.

The wait for my match was agonising. 

This is why Ur the Cure was established – in the hope that no person has to feel the same despair that they may not find their lifesaving match simply because of their ethnic background. Through education and awareness, we can give these people hope, an incredibly important gift when you are facing a life-threatening illness. It’s about giving them the gift of life.

The cure to their cancer exists in your body. You are the “ur” in the cure! 


UR the Cure Founder

Click here for a video about Pamela’s story and how UR the Cure was established.

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