Forming Ur the Cure (2013)

Author: Pamela Bou Sejean

(Continued from previous post)...As for Ur the Cure, well it was during this time that a thought randomly popped into my head while I was praying/meditating late one night (call it what you want)!

For a while I had been trying to come up with some way to pull my ideas together - a name, a concept, anything! And all of a sudden, I was telling myself that same message that we always hear, "God is in you" (and for those who are not religious, you can use whichever term fits you, some people call it a "being", "energy", the "universe", your "conscious mind"...I believe it's all the same thing)! God is in you, the cure to some people's cancer is in other people's bodies, the cure is in you....Ur the Cure! And then I had the idea of connecting donors and patients searching for their match, why not use Facebook?! It helped with my story to spread the word, I could replicate what happened to me to help others. I remember the night distinctly, it was about 1am and I got out of bed, sat in the lounge room and began typing away the ideas on a note in my mobile phone (which eventually became a really long note because I kept adding to it every time I had an idea from then on). I created a plan and started asking more professionals and Drs questions to gather all the right information I needed. I didn't want to bother too much with explaining the technical and scientific terms, I focused on trying to explain everything in simple terms. I did marketing at university so I thought I could try and apply my skills and personal experience to the project - I was doing marketing work again but the end result wasn't sales this time, it was getting donors to join the registry!