Establishment of Ur the Cure

Author: Pamela Bou Sejean

2014 has seen me regain much of my health and fitness, spending time with family and friends (and Percy my pug), weekends away and going to Port Douglas for a nice holiday! And work wise I've been involved with the hospital committee, working with the Leukaemia Foundation's Light the Night event committee plus I have also started a business with my brother Matt. We make and sell a boutique range of perfumed soy wax candles (sorry I can't help sounding "markety")! It's called "Essence Four" and the website is (and I can't help giving it a plug)! It has helped me get back into work since it provides a flexible working environment and makes me feel like I am doing something good...everyone loves a good candle plus we donate 5% of the profits to the Leukaemia Foundation since they supported our family so much! 

I have finally been able to pull together all of my ideas, writing and photos to create this website and connect it to the Facebook page; (don't forget to like it...I have plans to change the page name to "Ur the Cure" in the near future). And also a big thanks to my brother Andrew who designed the logo.

I have high hopes and believe it has great potential to make a difference. I hope that it can become a success and I will try my very best to make a positive change to see the percentages of those minority ethnic groups rise on the bone marrow registry. If it doesn't work (and I really hope this is not the case), well at least I know that I at least tried and that's all you can do in the end!