Middle Eastern Recruitment Session

Author: Pamela Bou Sejean

I was reading the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry annual report recently (just enjoying some light reading! Actually I just like to keep up to date with everything that's happening there). I came across these "recruitment sessions" that they run. I contacted the relevant people and they were very helpful. And so now Ur the Cure is in the middle of organising its first "recruitment session".

I chose middle eastern as the first group since this was easy for me to contact and connect with my own established network and relationships (since my background is Lebanese). If all goes well I hope to do some more work with other ethnic groups too. 

Fingers crossed I can get lots of people to register! I met with Monsignor Joe and Father George Nassar last week who is kindly offering us to use the facilities there to run the event (and I always stress that all religions are welcome)! I'm also trying to organise a surprise celebrity guest to turn up to the event...it could be a long shot but I am going to try (I've learnt that there's no harm done trying, I always thought it was a long shot to meet the President of Lebanon and that happened so you never know)! I Will keep you all updated!