Cure Session and What Next

Author: Pamela Bousejean

Well I'm a bit delayed with this post but it has been a busy time of the year! The Middle Eastern recruitment session was successfully held on the 18th November (which I will most likely call these “cure sessions” in the future after some feedback – I just named it after what the ABMDR call it and it probably sounds a little too serious for what it is)! It really was a great night and you can see photos of it on the Facebook page by clicking here. After talking at a couple of parishes in Melbourne I was able to gather approximately 30 people to have a small sample of their blood taken to join the bone marrow registry (this is the maximum the nurses can take on the night). Everyone who joined came from some sort of ethnic background, mainly Middle Eastern and other mixes. It was a positive atmosphere and we all shared some food and drinks together and supported one another (particularly those who weren’t very fond of needles)! But a really big thank you to those who did roll up their sleeves and join (there are some really great photos of people holding up a sign saying "I gave the gift of hope today and joined the bone marrow registry)". And also special thanks to the Maronite Youth Melbourne group who helped out on the night and secured some delicious food from Cedar Bakery and Abla's Patisserie. Also a huge thanks to Samira from the St George’s Orthodox church who provided the drinks and other nibblies as well as the use of their facilities. And thanks to the 2 nurses who gave their time to take the blood samples.

Since the cure session I have been working out what the next move will be for Ur the Cure. Although it was a successful evening the reality is that we actually need hundreds and hundreds of people to join the registry in order to make a significant difference. I have submitted an abstract to potentially present at a health conference in Adelaide next year and I'm waiting to hear back if I will be accepted or not.

I am excited at the possibilities Ur the Cure will bring in the new year and I have a feeling that big things are going to happen!

For now Merry Christmas to you all and my thoughts and prayers are with those who are not well and their families, and for those who have lost loved ones.