Gathering appointments for the recruitment session

Author: Pamela Bou Sejean

I've spent the last couple of months preparing for the upcoming recruitment session. I've locked in the venue, created posters and other materials, established an appointment system and more. It was great to be given the opportunity to talk at the 2 parishes who are involved - Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite church and St George's Orthodox church in Thornbury, Melbourne. Everyone at both parishes have been very supportive and are pushing the message. I have almost filled all appointment spots for people to get a sample of their blood taken at the event on the 18th of November. Although we're limited to having only 30 people join (we really need much more than this to make a significant difference), it's still a start and will help create some general awareness about the cause as more people hear the message. It has been a really good learning curve so far and I've met and chatted to lots of wonderful people - especially the younger ones who are always keen to help out. I  have picked up on little things like what some common questions are, what people do/do not respond to and so on. This is just the beginning! The bone marrow registry nurses have also been great at answering all my questions. It's all coming together and I'm really looking forward to the night. Keep your eyes peeled for some photos on the website and Facebook page!